The worldly clergy misled and in turn misleading ‘Christians’?

“Just like any actor has no shot at ‘greatness’ without an adequate script in the course of bringing a play to life, no ‘Christians’ can attain eternal life, here and now, while still animated and in possession of power over self, as well as prior to dying of the same ignorance as 200 generations did before them, without a precisely correct apperception of all 4 layers of  God’s script(ure) for His plot.

It is therefore objectionable that the worldly clergy give their congregants the impression that ‘going to church, temple and synagogue buildings’, participating in ridiculous symbolical redundancy without comprehension of its emblematic meaning and listening to their VAGUE sermons once a week, discourses that are forgotten by morning of the following day, somehow ‘qualifies’ their followers for membership in Jesus The Christ’s eternal royal court.”

– TheFig1stfruit

The dramatic works of William Shakespeare, 1830

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