TheFig1stfruit’s purpose is the corrective interpretation of 4-layer scripture symbolism that has, to this day, been either unknown, or traditionally and customarily misunderstood (yes, even by ‘experts’ and ‘scholars’), and thus been misrepresented; to add hundreds of spiritual facts to the heretofore ‘known’ spectrum of scriptural comprehension, and with this upward-directed new-wine addition to lead those that have an ear– the isles of Isaiah (people that have already acquired an understanding beyond the moronic populace and disassociated themselves from mainstream ‘church’ ‘teachings’)- into eternal life.

She is not to teach, convince, explain, speak, give interviews to ‘make self a name’, ‘debate’ (wisdom is as precise as Math and cannot be ‘debated’), accept any gifts, or donations, or sell ‘rights’, or anything else to anybody at all.

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